General FAQ's

FAQ:Eatoni:General General information about Eatoni.

FAQ:Text Entry Modes MultiTap, LetterWise, WordWise, WordWise+.

FAQ:Languages and Dictionaries What data does Eatoni use and how does it use it?

FAQ:Ergonomics What is the experience of using Eatoni products?

FAQ: Features and Bugs The obvious "improvements" to text entry systems are bad ideas.

FAQ:Technical Analysis How do you analyse text entry systems?

FAQ:For Manufacturers Details on issues such as code size and speed.

FAQ:Eatoni in Comparison How does Eatoni compare to (some other system you may have heard about)?

FAQ: Eatoni on the market Who uses your products? How can I buy them?

Product specific FAQ's

Eatoni Mail FAQ

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