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How do I install Eatoni Mail on my phone?

  • Go to your carrier's shopping cart/application list (For example "Get Going" or "Tools on the Go" for Verizon).
  • Select "Get New App" and find Eatoni Email in a relative category such as "Email" or "Business/Tools".
  • Select Eatoni Mail for installation. You can use Eatoni Mail free for one day (airtime is not free though), and after that you have the option to continue on a monthly subscription.
  • Note that Verizon Wireless (US) does not currently support new Eatoni Mail installations. If you uninstall Eatoni Mail from your Verizon phone you will not be able to install it again.

How do I remove Eatoni Mail?

(For Verizon Customers – other carriers the procedure is similar and is described in the manual that came with your device)

  • Go to your Get It Now shopping Cart
  • Go to “Optionsâ€?, select Eatoni Mail and “Removeâ€?. On other phones, select Eatoni Mail, press "Options" and "Cancel Subscription".
  • Verizon subscribers can also find information about their device on Verizon's website.
  • Note that Verizon Wireless (US) does not currently support new Eatoni Mail installations. If you uninstall Eatoni Mail from your Verizon phone you will not be able to install it again.

Getting Started & Setup

How do I access the Eatoni Mail application?

  • Scroll using the phone’s navigation key until it highlights the Area Weather application icon. Press the navigation key to activate the application. Upon activation, you will be taken to the Main Entry screen.

What webmail servers are supported?

  • MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL/AIM are all supported, along with some well as some less popular services a list of which you can find on the Eatoni Mail website.

How do I set up my Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL or POP email account?

  • From the Main Menu screen, go to “Set Profileâ€? ( ) and then to “Add Profilesâ€?. Enter a unique profile name, your email address and your email password.
  • If your email account is a Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL or another supported account, nothing further is required, Eatoni Mail can now access your email.
  • If you are using a POP3 account (e.g. your ISP email), select the profile you created from the set profile screen, press OK and select advanced ( ). You will be prompted to enter your email account user id, your incoming POP3 server and your outgoing SMTP server. Your ISP will be able to provide you with this info. Refer to chapter 8.1 for more info.

How do I select a language for the application?

  • From the Main Menu screen, go to “Set Languageâ€? ( ). You will see a list of available languages (English, Russian and Spanish in current version) and you can just highlight the desired one and press OK.

Using Eatoni Mail

How do read my incoming email?

  • From the Main Menu, select Inbox ( ) and press OK. The application will attempt to log on your email server. If there is new email you will be asked if you wish to download it (if you don’t you can still see your old email).
  • You can scroll through the list of email and press the OK button to view each message.
  • Since the screen holds 20 messages at a time, you can access the previous or next 20 by using the submenu “Previousâ€?, “Nextâ€? arrows ( ).

How do I delete messages?

  • To permanently delete a selected message, you first have to mark it for deletion, by selecting “Delete/Undeleteâ€? ( ) in the submenu.
  • Once you finish your inbox session, messages marked for deletion will be permanently deleted from the server. So, be sure to use the undelete feature before leaving the inbox.
  • If the application exits unexpectedly, messages marked for deletion might not be deleted from the server.

How do I reply to a message?

  • In the Inbox message list, simply select the “Replyâ€? button ( ) from the submenu, and you will be able to reply to the selected message.

How do I send an email?

  • Go to “New Messageâ€? ( ) from the Main Menu.
  • Enter receiver email address (send to), the subject and then your message. Press OK and you will be prompted to send the message.
  • Instead of sending you have the option to save the message as a draft.

How do I create/edit contacts?

  • Go to “Contactsâ€? ( ) from the Main Menu.
  • Select “Add Newâ€? to add a new contact and enter the contact’s name and email address.
  • From the list of contacts, you can use the submenu to edit ( ) or delete ( ) a contact.
  • You can directly add someone who send you an email to your contacts, by selecting the “Add to Contactsâ€? button ( ) from the Inbox submenu.

Are my webmails marked as read or deleted when accessed through Eatoni Mail?

  • For webmail accounts (e.g. Yahoo), when Eatoni Mail accesses an email the web interface automatically marks the message as read.
  • For POP3 accounts Eatoni Mail will leave a copy of the messages on the server, unless you delete it using the Eatoni Mail delete function.

LetterWise: Predictive Text Entry

How do I use the supported LetterWise predictive text?

  • LetterWise predictive text entry is the best feature of Eatoni Mail, as it offers simpler and faster text entry than regular multi-tap.
  • To enter a word in LetterWise, simply press the button that corresponds to the first letter of your intended word. If LetterWise did not predict the correct letter, just press next until you get it. Proceed to the next letter.
  • You will note that while LetterWise is often wrong about the first letter, the prediction is excellent as you advance in the word.

Why is it better?

  • Simplicity: LetterWise is the simplest text entry method for keypads. To understand this, try explaining multi-tap in two sentences.
  • Speed: LetterWise requires less than 1.2 keystrokes per character (kpc) on average for English text. Multi-tap requires over 2 kpc.
  • No timeouts: You don’t have to wait if two consecutive letters are on the same key.
  • In contrast to other predictive systems, you can see the word while you type; there is no need to return for corrections.
  • Since LetterWise is not word-based, it offers excellent performance for non-dictionary words.

How can I enter numbers or punctuation?

  • To enter numbers, just hold on the desired keypad button.
  • To enter punctuation, press the left soft key (Mode) and then the desired keypad button (NEXTing as necessary).


How do I pay for Eatoni Mail?

  • Your mobile carrier automatically charges you every month for using Eatoni Mail.

When does Eatoni Mail use my airtime?

  • Eatoni Mail is using airtime when it is connecting to your incoming server (receiving email) or your outgoing server (sending email). During the connection, a handset icon will appear on the upper left of the screen.

General Information

What do I do when I receive a “File System Full� message?

  • When this message is displayed the user must log out of the application and free up physical memory on the phone.

How do I exit the application?

  • You may exit the application by selecting the END (red phone) button from your handset. Pressing the CLR button instead will first give you a confirmation prompt.

Limitations / Specs

How many contacts can I fit in my address book?

  • You can fit up to 50 contacts in your Eatoni Mail address book.

How many different email acounts can I access at the same time?

  • You can access up to 10 email accounts at the same time.
  • Simply create a new profile for each account.

Can I receive incoming calls while I use Eatoni Mail?

  • Incoming calls and SMSs are only blocked while Eatoni Mail is receiving or sending data.
  • If a call is answered while Eatoni is saving data, the updated data may be lost.

Can I access my secure (SSL) or IMAP account?

  • Eatoni Mail does not currently support secure (SSL) or IMAP servers.

Are HTML emails and file attachments supported?

  • Eatoni Mail does not currently support attachments. However, HTML email is correctly rendered and displayed.

What is the maximum size for incoming and outgoing email?

  • Incoming email is limited to either 15000 or 5000 characters (user selectable through the “set preferencesâ€? menu), while outgoing to 1000.

Special issues / Troubleshooting

Why does my outgoing (SMTP) server give me an error?

  • Many outgoing (SMTP) mail servers only allow connections from within their own network, so using the same server as on your PC will often give you a “network errorâ€?. On your phone you should have access to your carrier’s SMTP server (if any), otherwise you can always use Eatoni’s own server at

Why do I get an “email too large or corrupt� message?

  • Eatoni Mail limits the size of incoming messages to avoid very long (and costly) data transfers. The blocked emails are usually emails with attachments, that Eatoni Mail would not be able to read anyway (see Limitations / Specs).

I am sure my login settings are correct, why do I get a login error?

  • First, if you are not using a hotmail/MSN, or AOL account, make sure you have entered your POP3 server settings correctly. Another common error is using caps in the username. For example Hotmail does not accept capital letters as part of an email address, however, if you try logging on using caps, your address is automatically converted to lower case and you don’t get an error. For Eatoni Mail you will have to enter the correct (lower case) address.

Why does my Hotmail, Yahoo etc. account show 0 messages?

  • Eatoni Mail works like any regular POP3 mail server, downloading only the new email messages when possible. This saves you of excessive airtime charges. However, if you have saved messages, for example in your Hotmail account and you want them to be readable with Eatoni Mail, just log on to Hotmail using a regular browser, and mark the desired messages as “unreadâ€?.

Why can I see only the first 50 Gmail messages?

  • To ensure lower airtimes, only the first page (most recent) emails will be accessed. Through the Gmail settings you can change the number of emails on the first page from the default 50 to 100.

My Hotmail is not working, what can I do?

  • The Eatoni Mail team is constantly monitoring and updating Hotmail. However, sometimes we miss updates that affect a limited number of users. You can try to manually log on to your hotmail account via a browser and try to change your account type by logging on Hotmail and clicking "options". For example, switch to Live Full, Live light or Hotmail Classic if you are given the choice. If you still have no luck, please Contact Us.

My Yahoo is not working, what can I do?

  • The most common Yahoo problem is an "offer" or other message that pops up before your inbox and cannot be cleared by Eatoni Mail. Try logging on to your yahoo account via a browser to make sure Eatoni Mail can go directly to your inbox. If you were unsuccesful try switching to another kind of account (for example switch to Beta or back to Classic). If you still have no luck, please Contact Us.

I have trouble installing/uninstalling Eatoni Mail

  • Please be aware that for all the BREW platform applications, such as Eatoni Mail, the carrier (i.e. your cell phone network) is responsible for the software that installs and uninstalls the applications. If you contact Eatoni we will try to provide assistance, but technical issues during installation/uninstallation are beyond our control (since they are not related to the application itself).

More Information

Where can I find more information (manuals etc)?

  • You can visit our website where you can download manuals and find other info on our Eatoni Mail product page.

How can I contact technical support?

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