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Technology Demos for MS Windows

For Communication Devices

Eatoni's solutions for portable communication devices like phones, PDAs etc.

ABC - style telephone keypad demos

You can see how the Eatoni technology works by downloading the LetterWise/WordWise technology demos for the standard telephone ABC layout.

You can download just the English demo, or click on an area on the map to see details and download the demo that contains all the available languages of that area. Note that the "Eatoni Language Areas" are defined for demonstration purposes, based on various geographical, linguisting and market criteria.

Click on the areas of interest of the map below to access regional multilingual demos.

English WordWise/LetterWise Demo (3.3MB)

English ABC Demo

Demo Download

General LetterWise Demo help page.
Check the WordWise page for a text entry tutorial.

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EQx keypad demos

For applications that require more text entry, like business email, instant messaging etc, the classic ABC telephone keypad is not enough. Read about the Eatoni QWERTY x-column and try the demos below. EQ3 provides the best possible text entry experience on the "classic" 12-key telephone keypad, while EQ6 provides near full-QWERTY performance on a 40% thinner (6 column) keypad.

EQ3 WordWise Demo (Multilingual)
(Currently 27 Languages, more to be added)

EQ3 WordWise Demo

Download the Eatoni EQ3 WordWise Windows Demo

Check the WordWise page for a text entry tutorial.

EQ6 WordWise Demo (Multilingual)
(Currently 27 Languages, more to be added)

EQ6 WordWise Demo

Download the Eatoni EQ6 WordWise Windows Demo

Check the WordWise page for a text entry tutorial.

For Key-Limited Devices

Eatoni's solutions for navigation (e.g. GPS) and other key-limited devices.

Eatoni One-Key Demo

Eatoni One-Key Demo

Download the the Eatoni One-Key Demo

Eatoni Two-Key Demo

Eatoni Two-Key Demo

Download the the Eatoni Two-Key Demo

For Alien Devices

Eatoni's solutions for extra terrestrial clients. The Klingon demo can also be used for Klingon text entry in windows (just type the text you want and select edit->copy from the menu and both the Klingon unicode as well as the latin transliteration will be copied to the clipboard to be pasted to any email client, text editor etc more info...).

If you also need Klingon fonts to view Klingon email, websites etc, try our pIqaD and Klingon latin free fonts.

Eatoni Klingon Demo

Eatoni Klingon Demo

Download the the Eatoni Klingon Demo

Additional Information

Copyright Info

This software is protected by U.S. and International Patent and Copyright law. By downloading this software, you assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair, or correction and any incidental or consequential damages including lost time, profits, damaged corporate image, or data, even if you advise Eatoni Ergonomics (or its representatives, dealers, distributors, or suppliers) of the possibility of such damage. This software is for demonstration purposes ONLY, for use on desktop and laptop computers, and Eatoni reserves all rights not specifically granted.

Please read the Eatoni SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT carefully before downloading, copying or using the software. You will be required to agree to these terms and conditions before using the demonstration software.


Once you have tried our demo feel free to let us know your reaction:

  • How long did it take you to get accustomed to LetterWise?
  • Where there any words you found particularly hard to type?
  • Would you like to use this software in your phone?
  • How does it compare to other text entry methods you've used?

We'd like to hear from you.

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