A commitment to scientific excellence

A commitment to scientific excellence

A commitment to scientific excellence

Eatoni devotes a considerable fraction of its resources to research and development. Some of the results can be made public, and those will be presented here.


User Studies / Interviews

If you think that users think that T9 is "just fine", we suggest you check out videos of unscripted interviews with T9 users and non-users, some of whom get to try LetterWise.

White Papers

Risk Perception and the Discovery Period for Mobile Applications

View Paper    Authors: Howard Gutowitz and Terry Jones

Why don't people use word-guessing text entry? Because it's too complex and unreliable.

Published in the proceedings of the 10th World Wireless Research Forum (WWRF), October 2003, New York, New York.

Barriers to Adoption of Dictionary-Based Text-Entry Methods: A Field Study

View Paper    Authors Howard Gutowitz

A field study comprising 230 man-in-the-street interviews shows that dictionary deficiencies are a principal reason that dictionary-based word-guessing text entry systems such as T9 are hard to learn as well as hard to use.

Published in the proceedings of the 10th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL), April 2003, Budapest, Hungary.

Note that a number of the key finding of this paper have been independently confirmed, see: [1], published in Universal Access in the Information Society,Volume 5, Number 2, August, 2006, Pages 125-149.

LetterWise: Prefix-based Disambiguation for Mobile Text Input

View Paper    Authors: I. Scott MacKenzie, Hedy Kober, Derek Smith, Terry Jones and Eugene Skepner

We conducted a longitudinal study to compare LetterWise to MultiTap, the conventional text entry method for mobile phones. The experiment showed that the mean entry speed was 36% faster with LetterWise than with Multitap.

Published in the proceedings of the 14th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), November 2001, Orlando, Florida.

Reviewer and User Identified problems with T9 and eZi Text

View Paper    Authors: Eatoni Staff

Reports by profesional phone reviewers, as well as end users, which express negative reactions to AOL's T9 and Zi Corporation's eZi Text predictive text entry software.


Linguistically Optimized Text Entry on a Cell Phone

View Paper    Authors: Hedy Kober, Eugene Skepner, Terry Jones, Howard Gutowitz and Scott MacKenzie

A mathematical model which shows why word-guessing methods can be slower than multi-tap. If you make any kind of error while entering a word, the word "blows up". Eatoni's LetterWise and WordWise do not have this problem.


A Survey of Alternate Text-Entry Methods

View Paper    Authors: Eatoni Staff

Compares predictive text to other text-entry methods, notably voice and handwriting recognition.


Other Documents

We go to great lengths analyzing the text entry market, the global needs, the current offers. Our internal conclusion is that there is a surprising untapped potential for market share expansion by fulfulling neglected text entry demands.

At the same time as our products are designed to overcome the current defficiencies and needs, the following documents give insight into our assessment of the market and the thoughts and reasons that have shaped the development of our system.

LetterWise's Next key

View Document

Why LetterWise uses the Next key rather than a repeated tap on the same key to change letters.

Why should Carriers care

View Document

Why carriers should care (a lot) about memory requirements and text entry.

Memory Requirements and Performance

View Document

Memory Requirements and Performance of LetterWise

The Linguistic Argument

View Document

Explains how carriers and manufacturers can gain new customers and reduce churn by appealing to linguistic communities within their coverage area.

Linguistic Diversity

View Document

In the U.S., hundreds of languages are spoken, and thanks to the tiny footprint of LetterWise, a single phone can Linguistic Diversity.


Eatoni products are covered by various US and international patents. Visit our patents page for more details.

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