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What do users think of predictive text entry?

What text entry methods do people use? Why? When do they use them? Why do they turn them off? We asked them.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Whad do cell phone salesmen say about T9?

London cell phone salesman 1

London cell phone salesman 2

How does T9 deal with various language needs?

Mixed languages

Uncommon languages

What do people say when they try Eatoni predictive text?

New Yorkers on LetterWise

Learning LetterWise and Shift-WordWise - 1

Learning LetterWise and Shift-WordWise - 2

What do users think of predictive text entry? (Individual Replies)

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"...been trying to use it, but it's pretty hard to know which word you are writing."

Watch interview "I had to ask advice how to use it."
Watch interview
"It's more difficult. Usually it doesn't find the word I'm looking for, it suggests wrong words."
Watch interview "It takes time to learn it. I tried some word, but it didn't work out."
Watch interview
"The manual of the phone is like this. If necessary that could be learned also."
Watch interview "It doesn't work properly all the time."
Watch interview
"It recognizes the names of the Nokia bosses, but not all the names, even common names."
Watch interview "It doesn't work. Or I can't use it. Either/Or."
Watch interview
"I think it's annoying when the phone doesn't get the right words. It always gives me the wrong words."
Watch interview "I hate it when it doesn't know my words."
Watch interview
"I don't like it"
Watch interview "I don't know (why I turned it off)"
Watch interview
Nokia salesman: "I would say two or three times faster."
Watch interview "It's great. I can type a lot faster."
Watch interview
"Then I have to add it to the dictionary, and that's a pain in the ass."
Watch interview "Who's a happy customer anyway, if there is 30% possibility to be wrong?"
Watch interview
"I like it very much...I think it (the user dictionary) can't keep so many words."
Watch interview "It's very fast. Could be in the wrong way also."
Watch interview
"Usually it works fine. Let's say a day (to learn it) and I was fine with it."
Watch interview "I like it. It's much easier. I send a lot of SMS, so that's why."
Watch interview
Nokia salesman: "Pretty simple, easy to use. It has no problems."
Watch interview "The words don't come up sometimes."
Watch interview
"He's dyslexic so he finds it difficult."
Watch interview "(You enter) the first letter and you get a whole word - it's irritating."
Watch interview
"At the beginning it doesn't really work."
Watch interview "Too complicated."
Watch interview
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