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  • WordWise software takes less phone memory and makes typing significantly faster.
  • LetterWise has benefits for phone makers as well as users. Being based on rules, not a dictionary, it occupies only three kilobytes of memory... this leaves more room for games and other features.
    The Economist
  • A new program could take the frustration out of trying to type words into cell phone keypads.
    The New York Times
  • I tried both (LetterWise and WordWise) and came away extremely impressed.
    Rafe Needleman in Redherring
  • Eatoni's products make it faster for people to type messages on mobile phones... We believe the system has the potential to double the amount of SMS traffic world-wide.

RIM and Eatoni Sign Agreement

10 October 2007

Research in Motion ("RIM") and Eatoni Ergonomics, Inc. ("Eatoni") have agreed to work jointly on the next generation of predictive text technology in ambiguous keyboards. As part of their new relationship, Eatoni has granted RIM a license in its United States Patent No. 6,885,317 (the "'317 Patent"), titled "Touch-typable Devices Based on Ambiguous Codes and Methods to Design Such Devices", and RIM has made an equity investment in Eatoni. More...


Eatoni and Avinity make rich web content easy to search and navigate on interactive TV

7 September 2007

TV is moving beyond broadcast as rich web content becomes available on interactive TV networks. Effective search and navigation has become critical, while any viable solution must be able to work with existing remote controls. Eatoni and Avinity are pleased to announce that they have solved this problem by integrating Eatoni’s predictive text entry solution with Avinity’s digital TV content server. More... - PDF version


Eatoni Mail for BREW Makes Email Easy to Write and Easy to Read for Gmail, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and Pop3, for 100 Different Phone Models

23 January 2007

Eatoni Ergonomics, Inc., a New York- based designer and manufacturer of hardware and software for text entry on handheld devices, is pleased to announce that its Eatoni Mail email client for Verizon's Get it Now service now supports Gmail in addition to Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and Pop3 email servers. More...


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RIM, Eatoni Agree to Work on Ergonomic Text Keyboard Technology
Oct 12 2007

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RIM and Eatoni settle SureType patent dispute
Oct 12 2007

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BlackBerry maker developing next-gen predictive text
Oct 12 2007

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Oct 12 2007

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RIM settles SureType patent infringement spat
Oct 11 2007

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RIM, Eatoni Partner for New Text Keyboard Technology
Oct 11 2007

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Research In Motion in Moves to Develop New Interface with Eatoni Ergonomics Inc.
Oct 11 2007

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RIM Signs Agreement with Eatoni Ergonomics to Develop New Keypads
Oct 11 2007

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RIM and Eatoni to work on keyboard technology
Oct 11 2007

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RIM to collaborate on keyboard technology
Oct 11 2007

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RIM and Eatoni to develop new mobile keyboard
Oct 11 2007

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RIM makes nice with litigator, uses their predictive text patent
Oct 11 2007

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RIM and Eatoni in partnership to develop new text keyboard technology
Oct 11 2007

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Kommt neue Tastatureingabe für BlackBerry-Geräte?
Oct 11 2007

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RIM, Eatoni team up on new text keyboard technology
Oct 10 2007

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A sight for sore thumbs?
Dec 8 2005

"The problem with predictive text is that it often guesses the wrong word: invite a friend out for a pint (7468 on most keypads), and your phone may suggest shot and riot before guessing the correct word. The problem with multi-tap is all that tiresome clicking, which is why people often use abbreviations in their txt msgs..."



Siyafunda, as SMS text goes African
Rodney Weidemann, 12 March 2003

"Language is a critical issue in many African nations, with people taking enormous pride in their own language and culture, which is why the ability to text in one's own language should be of tremendous value to African phone customers."



More power to the thumb
June 20 2002

Unlike T9, LetterWise can be used to type proper names, addresses and Internet locations. It is simple to learn...



Eatoni Taps Into Entrenched Text-entry Software Market
Nov 06 2000

"Unlike other text-entry technologies, Eatoni's LetterWise and WordWise do not depend on dictionary databases that choose appropriate words. Instead, the technology is based on letter patterns. "

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'"The problem with interactive TV is that it's not very interactive."

Local copy of the interview.




"Un clavier AZERTY est souvent fourni, mais quel téléspectateur voudra garder ce clavier sur ses genoux lors d'un moment de détente devant son écran TV?"

The interview in its English translation.




Silicon Alley People

"The development of 3G networks is more about advancing billing systems and the ability to do micropayments. "

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