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Web email services supported by Eatoni Mail

To access popular webmail accounts through Eatoni Mail you simply have to enter your full email and password, but leave the advanced settings to default (blank POP3 server & user name).

Here is a list of currently supported mail servers.

NOTE: To ensure lower airtimes, most webmail services are limited to displaying the last 100 messages

MSN Hotmail Hotmail / MSN
Access any Hotmail or MSN account, including several localized versions such as, and more.
NOTE: If you are having problems accessing your account, try to change your account type by logging on Hotmail and clicking "options". For example, switch to Live Full, Live light or Hotmail Classic if you are given the choice.
Yahoo! Mail Yahoo! Mail
Access any Yahoo! Mail account, including Free accounts and localized domains such as,, and more.
NOTE: If you experience problems accessing your yahoo account, try using a browser to log on to your account and make sure your inbox comes up immediatelly. If you still have problems you might try to switch temporarily from Yahoo Beta to Yahoo Classic or vice versa.
Gmail Gmail
Access Google's popular email service.
Access your AOL or AIM account, including,, and more.
Lycos Lycos and all other Lycos domains, such as, are supported.
Excite Excite
Access your Excite email account.
The most popular of the domains are supported:,,
FastMail FastMail
All the fastmail.* domains are supported as well as
MyWay MyWay
Access your email account.
VFEmail VFEmail
Access your Virus Free Email account.

POP3 Email with Eatoni Mail

For your regular POP3 email (e.g. the email of your ISP, like,, you will have to edit the advanced / POP3 settings.

Note that for your convenience the Eatoni Mail server tries to automatically connect to the most popular POP3 servers (Verizon, Earthlink, Comcast, Charter, BellSouth, Optimum Online, Juno, Netzero), so these will work without editing the advanced settings. However, accessing them through the Eatoni Mail server will take more time and you will have a slower service than connecting to them directly.

If you have already created a profile, go to the profile list screen, click on the desired profile and press right to go "Advanced". Clicking OK takes you to the advanced settings screen where you can enter your user name (usually the part of your email address in front of the "@") and your provider's incoming / POP3 server.

If you don't know the POP3 server look at the mail setup web pages of your provider. For your reference, here are some popular servers (however servers change sometimes, so the list might not be accurate):

Adelphia Cable:
AT&T WorldNet:
Cox East (CT, FL, GA, LA, NC, OH, RI, VA)
Cox Central (AR, IA, ID, KS, MI, NE, OK, TX, UT)
Cox West (AZ, CA, NV)
Optimum Online (Cablevision):
SBC Ameritech:
SBC Flash:
SBC Pacbell:
SBC Prodigy:
SBC Wans:
SBC Yahoo!:
Time Warner / Road Runner: Please check with your provider. (varies by location)
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