Vietnamese belongs to the Austroasiatic language family. It is the national and official language of Vietnam. A significant number of words has been borrowed from Chinese, and the language was originally written using the Chinese writing system. The Vietnamese writing system in use today is an adapted version of the Latin alphabet, with additional diacritics for tones and certain letters.

Map of Vietnamese language speakers.
Map of Vietnamese language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: 80 million

Main Countries: Vietnam, USA, Cambodia, France, Australia, Canada,

Alternate names: Kinh, Gin, Jing, Ching, Viet, Annamese

ISO 639-3 Code: vie

Language Sample

Some proverbs in Vietnamese:

An ky no lau, cay sau tot lua
You eat slowly, that is good for stomach; you plough deeply, that is good for fields

Tham bat bo mam
Try to seize the bowl of rice but forget the whole table of food

Ruou ngon phai co ban hien
Good wine must drink together with good friend

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