Tamazight or Central Morocco Tamazight or Braber is spoken in Central Morocco. It is a dialect of the Berber language.

Map of Tamazight language speakers.
Map of Tamazight language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: between 4 and 5 million

Main Countries: Central Morocco

Alternate names: Central Shilha, Middle Atlas Berber, Shilha

ISO 639-3 Code: tzm

Language Sample

Imdanen, akken ma llan ttlalen d ilelliyen msawan di lḥweṛma d yizerfan- ghur sen tamsakwit d lâquel u yessefk ad-tili tegmatt gar asen.
(Note that Tmazight is more frequently written in the Tifinagh or the Arabic scripts)

(Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

Some proverbs in Tamazight:

أخَامْ وَمَاسْ يَتَو?دْ لَهْوَاسْ (Axxam umas yettawed lehwas)
A jointly owned house brings problems.

يَاز?يطْ نَتْسم?ورثْ إين?و وَلاَ أسْكورْثْ أَم?دَنْ (Yaziṭ ntsmurṯ inu ula asekkurṯ n medden)
Better a chicken from my land than a partridge from someone else's

Product Availability

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