Howard, a new opportunity?

While it has been several years since my short involvement with Eatoni, I've not forgotten my excitement at the potential for the products. For the last four years I have been working with a company that offers ease of use and caller satisfaction testing for telephone based inbound customer services, and this has evolved into the majority of our business testing automated self service technology such as Speech Recognition. In a conversation today with an industry leader/consultant/guru over the difficulty to accurately recognize individually spoken letters because of the phonetic similarities; the expert opined "Too bad we can't type digits from a phone key pad to solve this." And I thought of you. Within this industry segment, the touchtone based services (touch "1" for yes, "2" for no type applications) are rapidly being supplanted by sophisticated natural language technology: The computer voice says "How can I help you today?" and recognizes the spoken answer (usually). But among other scenarios, when the caller needs to provide an account number, especially one that includes alpha characters, reliability falls off quickly and frustrates callers. This is evidently a problem with speech to text technology as well. So I thought of Eatoni and the potential for integrating it into these systems. Hmmm... Rick

Rrappe 11:54, 22 February 2006 (EST)
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