Norwegian-Nynorsk is along with Norwegian-Bokmål one of the official written languages. It is based on rural spoken varieties. Just above 10% of the Norwegian population use Nynorsk as their primary written language.

Map of Norwegian-Nynorsk language speakers.
Map of Norwegian-Nynorsk language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: 4.7 million

Main Countries: Norway

Alternate names: New Norse, Nynorsk, Norwegian

ISO 639-3 Code: nno

Language Sample

Alle menneske er fødde til fridom og med same menneskeverd og menneskerettar. Dei har fått fornuft og samvit og skal leve med kvarandre som brør.

(Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

Product Availability

The following products are currently available in Norwegian-Nynorsk:

  • For Consumers

(Coming soon)


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