Norwegian-Bokmål is the most commonly used of the two official written standards of Norwegian (the other is Nynorsk}. Bokmål is used by around 85% of the population (regardless of dialect) and is the standard most commonly taught to foreign students of Norwegian language. It has to be underlined that Bokmal is a written standard only. It is not based on any spoken dialect and it draws its lexicon and syntax from West and East Scandinavian languages.

Map of Norwegian-Bokmål language speakers.
Map of Norwegian-Bokmål language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: 4.7 million

Main Countries: Norway

Alternate names: Bokmål, Bokmaal, Norwegian

ISO 639-3 Code: nob

Language Sample

Alle mennesker er født frie og med samme menneskeverd og menneskerettigheter. De er utstyrt med fornuft og samvittighet og bør handle mot hverandre i brorskapets ånd.

(Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

Product Availability

The following products are currently available in Norwegian-Bokmål:

  • For Consumers

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