Manx Gaelic

Manx, also known as Manx Gaelic, is a Goidelic language spoken on the Isle of Man. It is a descendant of Old Irish and is closely related to Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

Map of Manx Gaelic language speakers.
Map of Manx Gaelic language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: 1,689

Main Countries: Isle of Man

Alternate names: Gaelg, Gailck

ISO 639-3 Code: glv

Language Sample

1.As va'n seihll ooilley jeh'n un chengey, as jeh'n un ghlare.

2.As haink eh gy-koine, myr ghow ad nyn yurnah lesh y shar, dy daink ad gys cheer rea ayns thalloo Shinar; as ayns shen ren ad cummal.

(The Tower of Babel, Genesis 11: 1-9)

Product Availability

The following products are currently available in Manx Gaelic:

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