Lombard belongs to the Indo-European, Romance languages. It is spoken mainly in the north of Italy in all of Lombardy, except in the province of Pavia. It is also spoken in the Swiss canton of Ticino and three valleys of Graubünden/Grigioni. Western Lombard varieties are spoken in Sicily (Piazza Armerina, Nicosia). Lombard is also spoken in USA. There are a number of dialects of Lombard but there is limited mutual intelligibility between them.

Map of Lombard language speakers.
Map of Lombard language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: 9 million

Main Countries: Italy, Southern Switzerland, and some parts of Brazil

Alternate names: Lombardo

ISO 639-3 Code: lmo

Language Sample

A disen: La canzon la nass a Napoli, e certament gh'hann minga tutt i tòrt, Surriento, Margellina, tutt i pòpoli i avrann cantaa almeen on milion de vòlt.

It is said: "Music is born in Neaples" and they are surely partly right. Sorrento, Mergellina have been sung by everybody about a million times.

(From "O mia bèla Madunina" by Giuvann D'Anzi, a popular song dedicated to the Madonnina, the golden Virgin Mary statue placed on top of the highest spire of the Milan Dome.)

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