Posting to LiveJournal on the go was never easier

Posting to LiveJournal on the go was never easier

Posting to LiveJournal on the go was never easier

LiveJournal blogging tool for Symbian

A Nokia 6682 with the EQ3 keypad, running EQ3 ljTool.
A Nokia 6682 with the EQ3 keypad, running EQ3 ljTool.

Eatoni's blogging client can handle up to 5 LiveJournal.com accounts, while enabling you to compose messages using three efficient text entry methods, including WordWise and LetterWise for both fans and haters of dictionary-based text entry (e.g. T9).

Why buy a smartphone with a full qwerty keyboard when you can just transform your favorite Symbian phone into a brilliant typing machine?

Choice of layouts: ABC and EQ3

ljTool comes in two versions: the "plain" (non-EQ3) version that uses your phone's existing ABC layout with Eatoni's text entry engine, and the EQ3 version for users willing to use the alternative layout for even more efficient text entry.

The ljTool EQ3 completely converges a Qwerty keyboard with a telephone keypad, allowing the fastest text entry possible on a cell phone.

Available Versions

You can download demos that have a limit in the length of the messages that you can type. You have to click "buy" and purchase them to receive an activation code for your phone.

Note that versions marked EQ3 use Eatoni's alternative EQ3 layout.

Region Language ABC Layout EQ3 Layout
NA English Download Demo Download Demo
Irish Download Demo Download Demo Buy & Activate Application
Welsh Download Demo Download Demo Buy & Activate Application
NE Finnish Download Demo Buy & Activate Application Download Demo Buy & Activate Application
FSR Russian Download Demo Buy & Activate Application  

More info:

Input Modes

ljTool has three input modes:

For those familiar with word-guessing methods such as T9. WordWise is three times better at guessing words than T9 (when used with the EQ3 layout), and has much more convenient handling of punctuation. Also, WordWise has a much more efficient dictionary mode that uses LetterWise rather than multi-tap.

The simplest method of all. This is for people who find multi-tap too cumbersome, and word-guessing predictive text too uncontrollable. LetterWise is a "What you Type is What You Get" text entry method. Just hit the key with the letter you want, and if it doesn't appear hit "NextLetter" until it does.

  • Eatoni MultiTap:

MultiTap optimized for two-thumb typing. This is the mode of choice for those who want to be able to type without looking at the screen or keyboard. It is similar to "abc" multi-tap, but with fewer keystrokes per character, and no need for a time-out or timeout kill button.


The main advantage of Eatoni's EQ3 Email and EQ3 ljtool is the keypad layout, which is different than the classic "ABC" telephone layout. This brings the question of how you are going to appreciate EQ3's increased performance when you have an ABC keypad.

Keypads Shipping NOW!

Eatoni is now shipping replacement keypads for some nokia models (6680/6681/6682) and more models are coming! The keypads are available for FREE, ONLY to those who purchase (or already have purchased) EQ3 Email or ljtool. Visit the order page and get yours now!

If there is no keypad available for your device yet, you have two options (apart from voting for future support):

  • You can use the on-screen keypad until you are familiar with the EQ3 layout.
  • Take matters in your own hands and print your own labels. We are providing images to help in the endeavor.

JPEG Images

IE users can right click on the device image and select "save target as..." to save the EQ3 keypad in JPEG form. Note that the images should not be resized (they are at 400dpi) to give you the proper size labels.

Nokia 3650/3600 Nokia 3660/3620 Nokia 6620 Nokia 6680/6681/6682
EQ3 Email Keypad for Nokia 3650/3600 EQ3 Email Keypad for Nokia 3660/3620 EQ3 Email Keypad for Nokia 6620 EQ3 Email Keypad for Nokia 6680/6681/6682

PDF Documents

If you prefer the PDF format you might try the following documents that contain all the above images. IE users may still right-click and select "save target as" on the links.


If you have an inkjet printer, the best quality can be achieved using premium inkjet glossy paper. For color laser printers, glossy paper is not required for high-quality printing, but the regular paper will still prove inferior, as it cannot withstand a lot of wear. The best strategy is to purchase a third-party replacement keypad for your Nokia phone, and label that with EQ3.

Supported Cell phones

The EQ3 layout. This is how it could look on a Motorola Razr.
The EQ3 layout. This is how it could look on a Motorola Razr.

The Eaton Symbian applications are targeted to Symbian 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and have been tested on the following devices:

  • Nokia
    • 3600
    • 3620
    • 3650
    • 3660
    • 6260
    • 6600
    • 6620
    • 6680
    • 6681
    • 6682
    • 7650
    • N70
    • N90
    • N91
    • N95
    • N-Gage


The software comes as a single file, e.g. Eatoni.SIS. This file contains everything needed to get the software installed and ready to run.

There are several ways to install. One way is from the Inbox or via a file manager. It can also be run via the PC connectivity solution that was supplied on the CD with the Nokia phone. Another possibility is to download the SIS file from the Internet to your PC and then install using one of these methods:

  • Memory card (MMC) - Copy files into the root directory of a memory card from your PC, and then insert the MMC card into your handset, run App. manager to install Eatoni application.
  • USB cable - Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  • Email - email the Eatoni SIS file to an email account you have access on your phone, and then use your phone to logon to your email and download the SIS file as an attachment into your phone's Messaging Inbox.
  • Beaming - Beam the Eatoni SIS file to your handset from your PC or Mac using Bluetooth, then follow instructions on the phone screen.
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