Igbo is a language spoken by about 18,000,000 people in the Southeastern territories of Nigeria. It has 30 dialects, which vary in accent and/or orthography. Nevertheless, they are almost universally mutually intelligible. Igbo is mainly a spoken language and very few texts written in Igbo exist. In schools English is the literary language that has to be studied extensively, although Igbo is taught at all levels of education. Generally, Igbo is widespread in rural areas contradictorily to the urban territories, in which Nigerian Pidgin Enlgish has prevailed and substituted Igbo.

Map of Igbo language speakers.
Map of Igbo language speakers.

Basic stats

First language : 18 million

Main Country: Southeastern Nigeria

Alternate names: Ibo

ISO 639-3 Code: ibo

Language Sample

A mụrụ mmadụ nile n'ohere nakwa nha anya ugwu na ikike. E nyere ha uche na mmụ? ime ihe ziri ezi nke na ha kwesiri ịkpaso ibe ha agwa n'obi nwanne na nwanne.

(Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

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