Hebrew is a Semitic language that belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family. It is spoken by more than six million people in Israel and by an unknown number of people in Jewish communities around the world. The earliest Hebrew script was derived from a Phoenician script. One of the most notable features of the language is the fact that it is written from right to left in horizontal lines. In addtion, some letters (kaf, mem, nun, fe and tzadi) have a final form (sofit), which is used when they appear at the end of a word.

Map of Hebrew language speakers.
Map of Hebrew language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: around 15 million

Main Countries: Israel, also spoken in Argentina, Belgium, The Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, Canada, France, Germany, Iran, Russia, Panama, United States and Uruguay

Alternate names: Ivrit

ISO 639-3 Code: heb

Language Sample

וַיְהִי כָל-הָ?ָרֶץ, שָׂפָה ?ֶחָת, וּדְבָרִי?, ?ֲחָדִי?

וַיְהִי, בְּנָסְעָ? מִקֶּדֶ?; וַיִּמְצְ?וּ בִקְעָה בְּ?ֶרֶץ שִ?נְעָר, וַיֵּשְ?בוּ שָ??

(The Tower of Babel, Genesis: 1-2)

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