First encounter with LetterWise

We have asked hundreds of European mobile phone users about their text entry habits.


Here are a few sample reactions from mobile phone users who were asked about their text entry habits. Some of them tried a demo of LetterWise, others report their reactions to trying to use T9.

The videos are in Windows Media Video format and require the Windows Media Player. Click on the images to view them.

Spontaneus reaction to LetterWise:

"This is fun! I could get used to this, it's a fun system."

Watch interview Spontaneus reaction to LetterWise:

"That was amazing how it found the right letters."

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About T9:

"I can't write the Finnish words when I'm using the Swedish dictionary, or the English words"

Watch interview About T9:

"...been trying to use it, but it's pretty hard to know which word you are writing."

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About T9:

"It recognizes the names of the Nokia bosses, but not all the names, even common names."

Watch interview About T9:

"It's great...once you get used to it."

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Europeans on SMS
New Yorkers on LetterWise

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