Eatoni Input modes

For those familiar with word-guessing methods such as T9. WordWise is three times better at guessing words than T9 (when used with the EQ3 layout), and has much more convenient handling of punctuation. Also, WordWise has a much more efficient dictionary mode that uses LetterWise rather than multi-tap.

The simplest method of all. This is for people who find multi-tap too cumbersome, and word-guessing predictive text too uncontrollable. LetterWise is a "What you Type is What You Get" text entry method. Just hit the key with the letter you want, and if it doesn't appear hit "NextLetter" until it does.

  • Eatoni MultiTap:

MultiTap optimized for two-thumb typing. This is the mode of choice for those who want to be able to type without looking at the screen or keyboard. It is similar to "abc" multi-tap, but with fewer keystrokes per character, and no need for a time-out or timeout kill button.

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