Breton belongs to the Celtic languages. It is spoken by some of the inhabitants of Brittany in France. Breton is closely related to Cornish and less closely related to Welsh, but these languages are not mutually intelligible.

Map of Breton language speakers.
Map of Breton language speakers.

Basic stats

Total speakers: 270,000

Main Countries: France (Brittany)

Alternate names: Brezhoneg

ISO 639-3 Code: bre

Language Sample

Dieub ha par en o dellezegezh hag o gwirioù eo ganet an holl dud. Poell ha skiant zo dezho ha dleout a reont bevañ an eil gant egile en ur spered a genvreudeuriezh.

(Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

Some proverbs in Breton:

Aessoc'h d'ar mab goulenn ouzh tad ewid d'an tad goulenn ouzh mab
It is easier for the son to ask from the father than for the father to ask from the son

Kass ar paour da baour a so dïaes
To make a poor man poorer is not easy

N'eus ket à diegezh heb buanegezh
There is no household without domestic fight

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