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Inputting the world's information on handheld devices

Inputting the world's information on handheld devices

Inputting the world's information on handheld devices

Technical evolution is proceeding much faster than biological evolution. Our computers are getting smaller and smaller, but our thumbs and fingers are not. We still need big keys, so big that you can quickly get your thumbs on them without hitting adjacent keys. Therefore, there must be fewer keys. Our languages are not getting smaller either, and we still need 26 letters for English, and many more letters than that in other languages. So, how do you efficiently get many letters onto few keys, while retaining the "what you type is what you get" aspect of a full keyboard with one letter per key? How do you do it in a why so that users can quickly understand that the keyboard is efficient and easy to use? These are the problems we solve.

Eatoni has been working in this area for over 12 years now. Our products have been adopted by many major manufacturers, and our intellectual property is a driving force behind significant recent developments in the telecoms industry. We are anxious to hear what your text entry problems are, and stand ready to solve them for you.

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Eatoni's LetterWise is the only predictive text entry system suitable for the mass market. Anyone can use it. It is even simpler than multi-tap, since there is no timeout to worry about. It is a modeless, what-you-see-is-what-you-get text-entry system. It takes about 1/2 as many keystrokes as multi-tap. It requires about 3K of ROM per language, about 1/30th the size of the memory required for word-guessing systems, and unlike word-guessing systems, LetterWise needs no user-writable memory.

Eatoni's WordWise is the only predictive text system which can be touch typed. Its predictions are that good. This makes it suitable for power users such as mobile professionals and gamers.

Eatoni accelerated text entry software has been installed on large range of devices including cordless (DECT) and mobile phones.

Eatoni is available in more languages than any other predictive-text entry software. Currently 165 languages are supported , making Eatoni the providers of the most linguistically diverse text entry system on the planet.

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