The German language belongs to the West Germanic languages and is one of the world's major languages. It is closely related to English and Dutch. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, German accounts worldwide for the most written translations into and from a language.

Map of German language speakers.
Map of German language speakers.

Basic stats

Native speakers: 105 million

Non-native speakers: 80 million

Main Countries: Germany, also spoken in Austria, Belgium, Province of Bolzano-Bozen (in Italy), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Alternate names: Deutsch, Tedesco

ISO 639-3 Code: deu

Language Sample

Alle Menschen sind frei und gleich an Würde und Rechten geboren. Sie sind mit Vernunft und Gewissen begabt und sollen einander im Geist der Brüderlichkeit begegnen.

(Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1)

Some proverbs in German:

Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei
Everything has an end, only sausage has two

Alte Liebe rostet nicht
Old love does not rust

Demut, diese schöne Tugend, ehrt das Alter und die Jugend
Humility, this beautiful virtue, honors the age and the youth

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